The Saltman Quarterly research journal is the flagship publication. It publishes the following types of articles:

  • Original undergraduate research manuscripts and review papers peer-reviewed by members of the review board as well as the faculty advisory board
  • Feature articles showcasing groundbreaking research topics done by professors of UCSD’s Division of Biological Sciences
  • It is published once per academic year and is distributed at the annual Biological Sciences Research Showcase at the end of spring quarter.

    Program Structure

    1. Editorial Board: Composed of undergraduate biology majors. This makes up the core staff responsible for content and design of the journal as well as coordination of the other program elements.
    2. Faculty Advisory Board: Composed of least one faculty member from each of the four academic sections of the Division of Biological Sciences & the Holder of the Saltman Chair in Science Education.
    3. Roles:
          1. Review research manuscripts and research review articles submitted whose subject matter falls within the purview of the faculty member’s academic section
          2. Hold workshops for SQ staff and review board members
          3. Provide general guidance and support to the SQ staff in the development and execution of Saltman Quarterly
          4. Attend quarterly social events as well as end of the year reception for Saltman Quarterly