The applications for the 2016-17 academic year will be released in spring quarter. Use this link to submit your application.

*See the Announcements for current information about applying.

General Notes

We are looking for serious students who are punctual, easy to communicate with, and dedicated to Saltman Quarterly. A good GPA and previous experience with skills in the area you are applying for will support your application.  Specific requirements for each position are listed in the position descriptions.

In the application, your statement should describe your general qualities, interest and passion for science and SQ.  As such, the statement should be long enough for us to adequately evaluate you as an applicant, but should not run any longer than 500 words.  Be sure to indicate if there are any particular qualifications for a specific position for which you are applying.


Review Board Members

Review board member applications are open to all biology majors in spring quarter of each year. Applications will reopen at the beginning of fall quarter as well.

Core Staff Positions

Staff position terms are for one academic year with new applications opening in spring quarter of each year.

All Other Positions

Positions such as writer, blogger, online reporter, committee member, photographer, illustrator, etc. will be filled according to the needs of their corresponding Core Staff member. If you have applied and been selected for these positions, you will receive an email within a couple of week with more specific instructions such as preparation of a writing sample or giving examples of previous photographs or illustrations.


Announcements about open applications and deadlines will be emailed to all biology majors at UC San Diego as well as posted to this site.