The applications for the 2016-17 academic year will be released in spring quarter.

*See the Announcements for current information about applying.

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Eligibility: Sophomore or higher standing; biology major or minor.

Program Component(s): UTS

Summary: The Features Editor is responsible for the staff writers, guiding them towards completion of an article for the magazine.  He or she is responsible for providing writer’s workshops, peer editing sessions, and other events necessary to ensure the completion of a well-written article by each of the writers.


  • Directly oversees the editing and critiquing of articles
  • Assists staff writers with topic selection and writing guidelines
  • Responsible for maintaining communication with staff writers on the progress of their articles
  • Provides assistance with all stages of article preparation, including interviewing
  • Regularly updates Executive Editor on article status
  • Organizes lay-science writing workshop for Staff Writers


  • Excellent English grammar skills
  • Excellent Communication skills

Oversees: Staff Writers

Reports to: Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Staff Advisors

Time commitment: High. Weekly staff meetings; biweekly Advisor meetings; Create and run writers’ workshops and peer review sessions. SQ event- social, academic, and PR; email contact with staff.

Eligibility: Sophomore or higher standing; biology major or minor.

Program Component(s): Research Journal, UTS

Summary: The Production Editor is in charge of managing the design and overall publication of the journal, as well as the Under the Scope magazine. This position overlooks the Research and Features Design Editors as well as the Technical Editors for Graphics. He or she is responsible for coordinating an efficient and timely production schedule, always working with the production team. He or she must also have a good eye for design and detail, as he or she will help design the journal and the magazine. There are two positions available.

Responsibilities (shared with between SQ and UTS Production Editors):

  • Host weekly production meetings with the Design Editors and Graphic Editors, as well as a beginning of the year Critique meeting
  • Works with the rest of the editorial board to ensure that new design ideas and stylistic approaches are being considered by the production team
  • Communicate with the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Research Editor, and Features Editors to make sure that manuscripts and articles are consistent with the design styles chosen for the journal or the magazine.
  • Responsible for creating a Dropbox account that holds all of the most current layouts, images, manuscripts and articles. Must also constantly update the account to make sure the production team is using the most recent submissions.
  • Create InDesign libraries at the beginning of the year
  • Host InDesign/Photoshop workshop along with Media Specialist during Fall Quarter for the Production team
  • Work with the production team to create a stylebook
  • Designs the Special Pages, which include the Front and Back Cover, the Table of Contents, Divider pages, Staff page, Senior Honors Theses, and Saltman Dedication
  • Finds illustrators and photographers for necessary layouts and sections.
  • Responsible for making sure that production timelines are met by being in constant communication with the rest of the production staff
  • Works with Media Specialist to make sure all images are properly linked and formatted
  • In charge of helping Design Editors find images for respective sections by communicating with staff writers and other editors
  • Attend all staff meetings and keep Editor-in-Chief updated with Production progress
  • Responsible for overseeing the final production of all pages, by proofreading each layout with the Media Specialist, Editor-in-Chief, Execute Editor and production team


  • Experience with layout design and all design software, including Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Good eye for design and detail
  • Excellent managing skills and leadership skills, along with the ability to communicate effectively with a team of people.
  • Develops SQ and UTS in a progressive way in terms of production; always looking for new ways to design it as well as expand it.

Oversees: Production team: Design Editors for Research and Features and Technical Editors for Graphics

Reports to: Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Staff Advisors

Time commitment: High. Weekly staff meetings, biweekly dean’s meetings, weekly production meetings, as well as constant email communication with remainder of staff, especially production team.

Eligibility: biology major or minor. Prior experience with science writing is helpful, but not required. We encourage all dedicated students who wish to gain experience with science writing to apply.

Program Component(s): Research Journal, SQ Online

Summary: Writers will compose an article including key abstracts they find intriguing and relevant to research being done in one of five categories represented at the annual Biologial Sciences Student Research Showcase, and discussed with and approved by the UTS Features Editor. The five categories include:

  • The Brain & Mind
  • Ecology, Conservation, & Environment
  • Our Body’s Defenses
  • Physiology & Metabolism
  • Cell and Developmental Biology

He or she is responsible for interviewing the appropriate people and collecting images to be submitted along with the final article by the completion deadline.


  • Commits to writing one feature article for print during the academic year - topic decided with the help of the Features Editor

  • Commits to writing news and features pieces throughout the year for the SQ Online site
  • Must incorporate UCSD-based theme into article, generally includes interview with UCSD faculty
  • Responsible for making editorial changes based on reviews of drafts


  • Excellent writing skills
  • Active interest in current science news/developments
  • Ability to communicate difficult scientific concepts in an engaging and understandable manner

Reports to: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Features Editor

Time commitment: Moderate. Writers’ workshops; SQ event- social, academic, and PR; email contact with Features Editor.