Saltman Quarterly is the scientific communication program run by undergraduates through the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego.  From its humble beginnings as the Saltman Quarterly journal, the Saltman Quarterly Program was established in 2011 and comprises of three elements:

  1. The Saltman Quarterly research journal, started in 2004, is a student, peer-review publication that includes features articles on topical discoveries and full-length research articles written by undergraduates. Upon submission, these articles undergo a rigorous, streamlined review process designed to mimic that of high-impact journals like Nature.
  2. Under the Scope is a publication of proceedings of the Division of Biological Sciences’ annual Student Research Showcase that was first published in 2011.  Undergraduates work in teams to write articles, each of which focuses on a specific section of biology.  Through discussion with the researchers and review of their studies, the authors translate the nitty-gritty scientific details and jargon into laymen’s term and produce articles that synthesize the findings at the showcase.