Types of Submissions Overview

Saltman Quarterly has finished the research submission process for Volume 13. If you are interested in submitting a research manuscript or review paper for the next school year, please email us at saltman@biology.ucsd.edu for more information. Please read the Submission Guidelines carefully and make sure to follow all instructions. Submission does not guarantee publication.

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  1. Describe the project you are working on, or the part of someone else's project that you are working on.
  2. This is an official research publication. In order to be published, work must be original.
  3. All work published as a "Research Article" must be read and approved by your Principal Investigator, with the accompanying signed Author Agreement.


SQ papers undergo a standardized and streamlined process of review.

Your paper will first go through technical editing for formatting followed by a content review by our student review board. In addition, your article will be submitted to one of our faculty advisors in a department that matches the topic of your paper.

After this meeting, authors will have up to two weeks to complete any revisions from this first round of editing.   

Lastly, the paper will be  compared to the others submitted and the best manuscripts will be selected for publication.Final decisions are at the discretion of our faculty advisors, research editors, and the editor-in-chief.

*Most manuscripts are finalized after the second round of edits, but if more edits are needed, this process can be repeated.


Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

  1. Scientific Reviews are scholarly commentary on work already published or in progress.
  2. You can describe work of any topic within the field of Biology - preferably, of work conducted by UCSD Principal Investigators (PI's), or work relevant to UCSD.
  3. The requirements and process for Reviews follow the same format as for Research Articles.
  4. Read more about the criteria for review papers here.

Every BISP 196 student is invited to submit his or her honors thesis abstract for inclusion.

If you are enrolled in a BISP 196, your SIS advisor will email you with more information throughout the year. Honors abstracts must be submitted by Week 1 of Spring Quarter.

In response to past inquiries from faculty members and graduate students, the Saltman Quarterly is now welcoming short scientific contributions ­ brevias - from students currently enrolled in the Master's degree program for biology. This is an exciting opportunity for Master's students to publish their current research findings, and will not preclude the future publication of their research in other scientific journals.


Brevias should provide a brief overview of the student's independent biological research, which can be complete or in-progress. To be eligible for selection, in-progress research must include significant preliminary findings at the time of submission.

Brevias are limited to 300-500 words and must include one graphic figure (table, graph, picture, etc.).

Brevias must be submitted with the following information:

  • author's name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • department of study
  • a completed Author Agreement Form, including PI signature.

If selected for print, students must be willing to work with the SQ team and faculty advisors in making edits. The SQ Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.


To be considered for print, BS/MS brevias must be electronically submitted to saltman@biology.ucsd.edu.