The submission guidelines have recently been updated. If you are interested in submitting a research manuscript or review paper for the next school year, please read the Submission Guidelines carefully and follow all directions before submitting. Submission does not guarantee publication.

If you plan to submit a scientific review paper, please read the Criteria for Reviews.

Authors should direct any questions about the requirements or process to


Important Notes:

Publication in SQ will not preclude your PI from publishing their research in a professional journal such as Science or Nature. It is at the discretion of your PI or other advisor as to whether or not they will sign the waiver for your article’s submission, but concerns about prior publication should not inhibit submission.

Currently, there is no formal word limit for research papers. If you would like a general idea of how long the finalized manuscripts are, please take a look at last year's journal.

Research that was completed at a location other than UC San Diego is eligible for publication. Please include your PI or project advisor's information and affiliation on your Author Agreement.